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About Best Court Motel

Established in 1933

The historic Best Motel Motor Court was built in 1933 during a travel turning point, from destinations of downtown rail and bus depots, which previously delivered travelers to city new adventurous dependable automobile, and new motorists needed a place to stay and park their automobiles. This was the beginning of the Motor Court or travel Motor stop, part Hotel part Motor Court, Mo(tor) (ho)Tel or MOTEL.
The building has, been continuously operated since 1933 as the "Best Court." Much of the original Simmons furniture designed by Bel Geddes remained in use when the property was purchased in February 2017.
A Painstaking 16 month labor of love restored 23 units and 17 garages to their original roof and trim colors and saved the Malvern Brick Company's yellow Brick. The Best Cafe Storefront has been restored to its original door and window configuration.
We also were fortunate enough to find the son's of the original neon sign builder, Meeks Neon, and they rebuilt the original design of the "Best Court" neon sign as it was in 1933.
The building has been completely rebuilt top to bottom. The original gravity heaters removed 100% new wiring, new plumbing, state of the art Air Conditioning and at great expense have had AT&T high speed fiber Optic Cable run into the building. We removed 60, 1950's A/C units from windows and walls and rebricked. At great expense we copied and place beside every bed copies of the original Simmons Mattress Company nightstands designed by Norman Bel Geddes (Famous 1930's American theatrical and industrial designer), which were still is some of the rooms when we purchased the property.

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We have changed out 163 windows and too many doors to count! Our cottages have several configurations 14 / studio's, 2 / one bedroom, 2 / 2 bedroom 1.5 baths, 1 / 1 bedroom with full kitchen and 1/ 1 bedroom ADA Compliant room with ramps and roll in shower.
Many units have small garages attached which allow additional open air seating or close and lock your garage door for a secure area to lock away your mountain bike or kayak!
Rates for our 85th year anniversary will run from $85 for a queen studio cottage to $179 for a 2 bedroom /1.5 bath Cottage.
All units have 139 cable channels and HBO. Wired and wireless cable in all rooms.
Currently no breakfast is provided. The "Best Cafe" which operated from 1933 until the 1960's, has been stunningly restored and will reopen as soon as COVID-19 has passed.. We have already procured our Mixed Drink Liquor License.
We are proud to continue the tradition of welcoming Hot Springs National Park visitors, as the Historic "Best" has done since 1933, offering an upscale historic boutique property to the local hospitality mix.
Please...please stop by and enjoy this restored boutique facility during this our 85th anniversary year celebration of continuously serving Hot Springs National Park visitors.