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Best Court Policies
Check-in after 2PM Check-out at 11AM
Must be 21 or older to book a room. For security purposes, you will be asked to provide a valid government or state-issued photo ID at check-in. Please you also must have on file or bring with you a Major Credit Card, even if reservation in pre-paid through an external booking company such as Expedia or When you check in, we'll process the balance of your payment in full. If you have booked through an online travel agent such as Expedia or, ect. you, have contracted with them, to be your exclusive agent... and we are not allowed to cancel your personally must contact them directly with your reservation number and request any is their rule not ours. Your reservation includes complimentary wireless internet. (High speed fiber-optic WIFI)
Guarantee Policy: Reservations, including those made on a corporate account, must be guaranteed by a major credit card at the time of booking. Upon booking YOUR FIRST NIGHT, PLUS TAX WILL BE CHARGED TO YOUR CREDIT CARD IN ORDER TO HOLD YOUR RESERVATION. If you book Multiple rooms we require advance first night payment and tax for each room reserved. Rooms will be held all night for arrival. We are always available for late check-in (After 10pm) with as much notice as possible please.
Cancellation Policy: Please let us know by 2PM local hotel time 24 hours before the check-in date if you need to cancel – if we don't hear from you, you will forfeit your first night's room and tax. Thanks for understanding.
Maximum Room Occupancy: 2 people per room are allowed per bed.
Parking: Parking is FREE! If you need more than 1 space please let us know so we can try to accommodate you!
Famous for having the best breakfast in town; however, Best Cafe Breakfast sadly will be unavailable until COVID-19 passes. We apologize for the inconvenience..
Pet Policy: Best Court Is Currently Not Allowing Pets. If you bring a pet in your room you are subject to a $250 restoration fee.

Rates and policies subject to change.
Non-Smoking/ NO VAPING Policy: All Rooms and Garages are completely non-smoking. If you light up inside the room you hereby agree that Best Court can and we WILL charge up to a $900 restoration fee to your card, plus taxes. This includes all things you can smoke including smokeless or Vaping and of course Pot! If you must smoke, please use your porch...WITH THE DOOR CLOSED PLEASE...or any outside area. Please charge also applies to the garages. There is NO SMOKING IN THE GARAGES, they are not considered outside areas. Thank you for your help in keeping the Historic Best Court the cleanest property in Hot Springs National Park.
Garage and Outside Room Gatherings are limited to 9AM-10PM. Best Court is famous for.... all the quiet one would expect from a visit to a National Park. PLEASE forgive us in advance.... if we remind you personally.... for Peace and Tranquility during your stay in this Historic site.